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Speciallady Awareness is a Woman Reproductive Health Advocacy, that raises awareness on women reproductive health conditions and combat menstrual poverty.

Established by Elizabeth Amoaa, after she experienced a long health journey which ended up with multiple surgeries and complications. She decided to use herself to challenge, inspire and encourage women to seek early diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Since its establishment in 2017, Speciallady Awareness have periodically carried out outreach projects in educational establishments and communities in Ghana and donated sanitary products, educational materials and medical items worth thousands of pounds.

Speciallady Awareness often carries out outreach activities in UK local churches,

communities, events etc.

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Speciallady awareness was born out of the medical challenges the founder Elizabeth Amoaa faced during a long episode of uncertain health.

It was established in 2017 by Elizabeth Amoaa.

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Speciallady Awareness mission is to provide consultations, workshops, seminars, donations to educate and encourage women and young girls to seek early diagnosis and appropriate medical care for their symptoms of gynaecological conditions.



Most gynaecological conditions are incurable.

However, management of their symptoms can lead to adequate treatment.

It is Speciallady Awareness vision to witness a total education and eradication of gynaecological conditions.

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