In 2017, Speciallady Awareness was founded by Elizabeth Amoaa, a LLB and LLM graduate, her dream was to be an international Lawyer.

However, after she experienced a challenging health journey she decided to be an advocate in order to create awareness on gynaecological conditions that affect women.

Undeterred by her illness, she took a positive stance to pursue a journey of making a difference by sharing her knowledge and experience on female women reproductive health issues.

Elizabeth has inspired many women and young girls with her story and has appeared on major international media platforms globally.

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Speciallady awareness was born out of the medical challenges the founder Elizabeth Amoaa faced during a long episode of uncertain health.

She suffers with severe endometriosis, multiple fibroids, uterus didelphys and secondary infertility.

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Speciallady Awareness mission is to provide consultations, workshops, seminars, donations to educate and encourage women and young girls to seek early diagnosis and appropriate medical care for their symptoms of gynaecological conditions.



Most gynaecological conditions are incurable.

However, management of their symptoms can lead to adequate treatment.

It is Speciallady Awareness vision to witness a total education and eradication of gynaecological conditions.