Speciallady is an organisation set up to help in the education and support of women and young girls suffering from gynaecological issues.

Why Speciallady?

Over two decades, Elizabeth constantly visited hospitals with symptoms like infections, irregular menstrual periods, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, nausea, depression, migraine, feeling fainting etc.


Despite all these challenges and medical complications, doctors ignored her concerns and questions regarding her health.
In 2015, her plea was taken into consideration and she started to receive answers after numerous medical examinations (blood tests, swaps, ultrasounds, MRI scan etc).


Therefore, she believes that speaking out and seeking adequate medical assistance or support will enable more women to find appropriate treatment and support.


In 2018, Elizabeth donated over 5000 sanitary towels, clothing and books to schools and communities in Accra, Ghana.

During April 2019 Trip to Ghana, she donated over 15,000 items (medical essentials, sanitary towels, clothing, books and toys) to schools, hospital and communities in Accra, Ghana.


In 2019, She delivered several Empowerment Speech such as to The Youth of Walsall, to Ghanaian communities in the UK etc...


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